ELSEVIER: Moving support from email to webform and telephone channels

We’re ending our support for traditional email addresses. This means that beginning September 4, 2017 you’ll no longer be able to use AmirsysSupport@elsevier.com to contact Customer Service. Although this address is being discontinued, we’re going nowhere and you’ll still be able to get in touch via webforms (on our product support hub) and telephone. This isn’t an economy drive – we’re making these changes so we can help you in a more timely and effective manner.

What’s wrong with traditional email?
The trouble with traditional emails, the kind where you just describe the problem you’re having and then send them off to us, is that they involve a huge amount of “back and forth” before the issue is resolved. This is usually because we don’t have all the information we need, or because we’re not sure what you mean, so it takes us longer to assign your issue to the right support team and get it fixed.

What’s right with webforms and telephone support?
By contrast, the faster and clearer nature of telephone and webform support means we don’t usually experience these delays. Over the last two years, issue resolution through these channels has been significantly faster – usually several days faster – than via email. At the same time, the feedback we’ve received has been conspicuously more positive.

Doing what we’re here for
Based on this data, we’ve decided to invest in the channels that work best and remove support from those which don’t work so well. Changes can be difficult, and we apologize now for any inconvenience these ones might cause, but we’re confident that this re-focusing will help us to fix your problems faster and more effectively – which is pretty much what we’re here for.

The Product Support Hubs can be found in the Help section on all of our Products or for easy reference –
STATdx: http://help.elsevier.com/app/answers/list/p/10272
ExpertPath: http://help.elsevier.com/app/answers/list/p/10440
RADPrimer & PATHPrimer: http://help.elsevier.com/app/answers/list/p/10441
ImmunoQuery: http://help.elsevier.com/app/answers/list/p/10442
Imaging Reference Center: http://help.elsevier.com/app/answers/list/p/10444
Pathology Reference Center: http://help.elsevier.com/app/answers/list/p/10445
Anatomy Reference Center: http://help.elsevier.com/app/answers/list/p/10446
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